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Post Hole Drilling Service 

Carmichael Post Holes is a complete post hole drilling service We do not mix our own cement but use only quality Sakrete baged cement or a ready-mix cement truck for every job.  The perfect mix every time.  This includes not only drilling holes, but pouring and setting your fence posts and or deck footings.  This is ideal for the DIY’er or contractor who will be building their own fence, deck, shed etc.  Before our arrival, please mark out all hole or footing locations. We can arrange for all locates* where the work is being completed.  (*This service is usually completed within 5 days).   Have you ever operated a manual gas auger?  It’s not fun.  In fact, it can also be dangerous.  At Carmichael Post Holes, we can take care of all your post hole drilling needs, quickly and efficiently.  With our small but powerful Boxer 322D Mini-Skid Steer we can also fit through most gates larger than 36″ wide and drill holes 9″ or 12″ wide and up to 48″ deep.  This will ensure the best possible scenario during the cold winter months – helping avoid against heaving and lifting.

Post Hole Maching


Drill, Pour & Set Service (Quality Sakrete pre-mixed cement)

FENCE: This service includes drilling the holes and setting posts in cement. (posts supplied by you)
DECK: This service includes drilling holes, setting sonotubes, and filling with cement. (sonotubes and brackets supplied by you.)
Customer must provide posts, sonotubes and brackets.
**Extra Charges will apply to line level sonotubes / waiting for inspector or returning to pour.
**Extra Charges will apply to mark out hole locations by us.
Hole SizePrice
FENCE - Drill, Pour and Set (42" deep)Price does not include posts.
8" Hole (for 4x4 fence)
$400 (includes the first 2) + $70 each additional
10" Hole (for 6x6 fence)$400 (includes the first 2) + $85 each additional
Pull existing fence posts$150 each
DECK / FOOTINGS - Drill Pour and Set (48" deep)Price does not include sono tubes or brackets.
8" Footing$500 + $80 each
10" Footing
$500 + $100 each
12" Footing$500 + $120 each
14" Footing$500 + $150 each

Drill Only ServiceFence 42″ deep / Deck, Footings 48″ deep

This service is for drilling only, we do not mark out footing locations, supply posts or insert sono tubes.
Hole SizePrice
9" HolesMinimum $400 (includes first 2 holes)
$40 each additional hole
12" HolesMinimum $400 (includes first 2 holes)
$50 each additional hole

If you have a permit, a return to pour charge will apply after inspection of hole depth.
Homeowner or contractor must be present to set post brackets in cement before it sets.
Please make sure there is access to electrical and water where work is being done.

All prices are for machine-augured holes only and may change if additional work is required.  Hand dug holes are extra and based on the time and hardness of the ground.  Some holes may not be possible to dig by hand.
We will do our best not to mark your yard or lawn with our machine, however this may be unavoidable in the area the work is being done.
Dirt removal may be available with our clean-fill bins, at an additional charge.

Traveling charges are built into the prices for most communities in and around the Newmarket area.
However, traveling to other areas may incur extra charges depending on the scope of the project and distance. (see map below)

Please feel free to call if you have any questions or concerns.
Carmichael Post Holes accepts all major credit cards.  Customer must be present when job is being done.

Service Area and Minimums