Fence Building

Carmichael Post Holes can build a variety of different wooden fence styles and gates as you can see from the photos below. If you are interested in getting a fence built or repaired, give us a call and we’d be happy to come by for a free consultation and quote.

4×4 Wooden Fencing

4x4 neighbor fence
post holes
4×4, 6′ neighbour fence. No lattice to rot.
4×4, 5′ neighbour fencing with matching gates for each unit.
Post extraction and replacement including new hardware for this backyard entrance.

6×6 Wooden Fencing

Standard 6×6, 6′ privacy fence. Very sturdy and should last decades.
6×6 privacy fence on the side; 4×4 privacy fence at the back.
6×6 privacy fence on steep grade. Post height cut soon after.
6×6 privacy fence around raised pool area. Our small machine handles small areas easily and efficiently.