Carmichael Post Holes offers a valuable and essential service for new and existing home owners locally in Newmarket and more widely in York Region.  Includes post holes, drill pour and set post holes, full fencing and fence repair.

Looking to build a fence, deck, gazebo or pergola?  There are many things to consider… Getting locates, mapping out the hole locations, drilling post holes, purchasing fence lumber, pouring the cement. This can be a daunting undertaking, and if you don’t have experience operating a manual gas auger it can be time consuming and dangerous.  

At Carmichael Post Holes, we take care of these services quickly and efficiently so you can plan building your structure. Or, leave it in our team’s capable hands and let us build it for you!  With our small and powerful Boxer 322D Mini-Skid Steer we can fit through most gates larger than 36″ wide and drill holes from 9″ to 12″ wide and 4′ deep. 

  Call today and let us do the dirty work.


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